Terms & Conditions


Welcome to the Floral State Online Store! 

At Floral State we value our customers and we pride ourselves on our exceptional customer service and floral arrangement quality. We strive for 100% customer satisfaction at all times.

To ensure we are meeting and exceeding our high customer service standards and your expectations, we have outlined all of the important information you need to know before placing an order through our online store.

Please ensure that you have read the following information before selecting your items and confirming your order. We are unfortunately unable to make concessions for breaches of any of our Floral State Terms & Conditions after orders have been placed.


Floral State provides complimentary delivery to select inner metro Perth suburbs. We also provide delivery to additional suburbs for an extra fee, which will be added to your order at checkout. 

For current delivery suburb lists, please see our website. You are welcome to contact us directly if your desired delivery suburb is not on either of our lists, and we will give you a delivery time and cost estimate.

Same day delivery is available on all online store orders provided they are placed before 11am. We typically deliver during the afternoon hours with all business deliveries to be made prior to 5pm and all residential deliveries prior to 6pm.


We prefer someone to be at your delivery location to receive the order. If this is not possible, we will only leave arrangements unattended if there is a safe and secure location to leave them. 

If we cannot find a suitable location to leave an order, or  we cannot access the property (i.e apartment building), or the provided delivery address is incorrect, and we can not deliver through no fault of our own, then we will contact you (the Sender), then the recipient to verify. If both sender and recipient are not available, our driver cannot stay around and will have to leave without delivering the flowers. An email will be sent to the Sender to advise of re-delivery for the following day, with a re-delivery fee.


If more than one attempt is made to deliver or re-deliver your order, or if we cannot contact you to arrange re-delivery, customers will be liable.

Customers will be liable to lose the full amount of their order, and/or pay additional re-delivery fees in the event that your order is deemed as undeliverable.

Situations where we will deem arrangements as being undeliverable, at customer fault include (but are not limited to):

  • Apartment buildings with restricted access and no one home;
  • Home’s with no sheltered area to leave arrangement and no one home;
  • No one present at a business address and the premises is locked;
  • Patient has already been discharged from hospital;
  • Any other situation where we are unable to safely and securely deliver arrangement.

We are able to change the delivery location of arrangements when they are re-delivered. We will, however, charge additional delivery fees on top of the $10 re-delivery fee if the area falls outside of the original delivery category that you were charged for. (E.g. complimentary shipping was included, and you now wish to have the order delivered to a suburb on our delivery fee list.)

There are No Refunds on all orders. If the order is yet to be made, then you have to option to provide another delivery address and date within 30 Days of the original delivery date.

Due to the high volume of orders we get, we do not check order details until the day of delivery, therefore any notes whereby you require a morning delivery or delivery the previous day will not be warranted as it will be too late for us to action. If you have any questions regarding delivery times, please send us an email prior to ordering.


If we have delivered or attempted delivery to an incorrect location or on the wrong date, we will offer to re-deliver the arrangement the next business day, free of charge, or offer a full refund of the original order value, including any relevant delivery fees charged. 


Floral State asks that all communications regarding orders, deliveries or otherwise be made via e-mail at: [email protected].

This ensures that there is a traceable chain of correspondence and it minimizes the chance for miscommunications with regards to spelling of names or delivery addresses.

More often that not, we are on the road making deliveries, so our phones are usually unattended and e-mail is usually the best way of reaching us.

Floral State reserves the right to make amendments to our online store Terms & Conditions at any time, without notice or consequence. It is the responsibility of the customer to remain up to date with any changes made. The most current version of our Terms will always be published on our website and any changes will take effect immediately from their time of publication.

If you have any questions about our online store or any other part of our service, please feel free to contact us directly at: [email protected].

These Terms & Conditions are current as of September 2016.